TIF Procedure

A surgical solution for heartburn without incision

Do you have acid reflux, heart burn or regurgitation? 

Are you tired of taking medicine? 

Do you miss having a nice meal without pain? 

Are you losing sleep? 

You don't have to suffer. 

North Texas Gastroenterology Consultants can help you get your life back.  With the non-invasive TIF procedure, you can quickly get back to living life on your terms. Toss those medicines. Enjoy your favorite foods. And get a good night's sleep again.


GERD Symptoms

* Acid reflux
* Heart burn
* Regurgitation
* Belching
* Throat clearing
* Persistent cough
* Trouble sleeping

TIF Candidates

* Regularly experience GERD symptoms.
* No longer respond well to reflux medications.
* Are dependent on proton pump inhibitors.
* Are considering surgery but concerned about complications and potential side effects of traditional antireflux surgery.
* Have a small hiatal hernia.


TIF Benefits

* Eliminate medications and PPIs (if approved by physician).
* Minimally invasive, no scars.
* No incision.
* No metal implants. MRI Safe.
* Painless.
* Quick recovery.
* Exemplary safety profile.
* No limits on future treatment options.


(3 years after the TIF procedure)

  • 70% of patients were able to completely stop PPI therapy. 
  • 87% of patients no longer had reflux. 
  • 91% of patients reported elimination of troublesome regurgitation.
  • Dr.
    Moustafa Youssef

    Dr. Moustafa Youssef was among the first few providers in the DFW area to offer the TIF (Transoral lncisionless Fundoplication) procedure. Dr. Youssef uses TIF to treat the underlying cause of GERD. This innovative procedure rebuilds the antireflux valve and restores the body's natural protection against reflux. Dr. Youssef recommends the TIF procedure for qualified candidates because clinical studies demonstrate that TIF patients have long-term relief and rarely report side effects commonly associated with traditional antireflux surgery. It also has an excellent safety profile with minimal complications. 

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TIF Procedure with EsophyX Device

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